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See City of Boroondara's response to Stockland's pre-application plans presented at the 7 May 2007 Urban Planning Special Committee meeting.

Speculators propose an over-development at Tooronga

Coles Myer Limited and Sydney-based developer Stockland are proposing a massive over-development on the Tooronga Village & Brickworks site at the intersection of Tooronga Road and Toorak Road in the heart of Melbourne's inner east.

This over-development will profit the developers, but at the cost of residential amenity, and it will worsen traffic problems in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, including Hawthorn, Camberwell, Glen Iris and Malvern.

The Tooronga Action Group (TAG) is pro-development. We support the re-development of the Tooronga Village shopping centre and also the development of dwellings around the site. However, TAG is alarmed about aspects of Stockland's proposal. See TAG's concerns about Stockland's proposal.

Project Approval Outcry

18 October 2006—The Minister for Planning, Rob Hulls, has approved the necessary planning scheme amendment giving the go-ahead for Stockland's proposed Tooronga Village re-development. TAG will fully review the report produced by the Panel and comment in detail on the Panel's recommendations.
pdf file download Panel Report
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After a brief perusal of the report, nevertheless, it is clear to TAG that the Panel recommended that the highest point of the development would be a minimum of 36 m. from Toorak Rd. The Minister has halved this to 18m.

TAG is outraged that the Minister has peremptorily overturned the independent Panel's recommendation, which was reached after 4 weeks of detailed hearings and 6 weeks of deliberation.

Clearly the Panel was constituted as a political device, costing taxpayers vast sums of money and wasting thousands of hours of the community's time.

The only beneficiary of the Minister's decision is Coles Myer who will reap an extraordinary profit from the sale of the land. Stockland will now be able to proceed with a larger scale development which it needs to pay Coles Myer their excessive price.

The Minister has succumbed to pressure from big business. The losers are the public, the local community and the integrity of the Planning Process.

Read "Tooronga project approval outcry" article in the 19 Oct 2006 edition of The Age.
Read the Minister for Planning's media release.

Residents Rally

residents rally against proposed amendmeent

On Saturday 1 July residents rallied at Tooronga Village to demonstrate their concerns about the proposed development. Boroondara Mayor Jack Wegman spoke at the rally. See more photos from the rally.

TAG Membership

TAG invites residents to officially join the Tooronga Action Group Inc. There is a one-off membership fee of only $5.00. The larger our membership, the more strongly we can represent the residents. More than one member of a household can join. Join now and encourage your neighbours to join!

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